The Third Age of design at a rapidly growing startup.

For several years, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing three phases of design at Algorithmia, from scrappy startup to refined company. The whitepaper project is the third of these phases, seeking to bring a human touch back into machine learning.

Model Cards

We needed a way to illustrate the nuanced stack of technologies that constitute an ML model, particularly version dependencies which are unique to certain configurations.

Pipelining and Composability

Extending this card language, we produced a visual of how different models can be strung together to produce a functional workflow. This necessitated producing icons for various inputs and outputs like video frames or scanned documents.

Further Expansion

Adding a Human Touch

I sourced painted works for use on the front and back covers. The image I selected was Homer’s Northeaster (1895) which features stormy coastal seas and fluffy cloud-like structures—perfect for a whitepaper about the difficulties and nuances of working with the ML lifecycle from a DevOps perspective.

Zooming in to select an abstract and textural area, and colorizing.

The Final Product

After typesetting and layout, the final whitepaper is a searchable, accessible, and legible expression of an esoteric subject. Text is set in Georgia and Nunito Sans. Colors are limited to the brand’s palette.