A slab serif typeface inspired by a hand-painted auto garage sign.

Back in 2010, I was walking through the Fremont neighborhood in Seattle which is full of small businesses and boutiques. One such business was a small mechanics shop with a hand-painted sign that was reminiscent of the Ferrari logotype’s blocky letters.

Inspired by Hand

The typeface is inspired by a hand-painted sign, and is based on sketches I did several years ago.

Transferring the designs from paper to computer was easy because I drew the sketches on grid paper and could match those units to digital units of 50/1000 ems. Vertical stem thickness was 125/1000 ems and horizontal stems were 100/1000 ems. The glyphs have a fairly consistent shape whose bounding box is pretty easily seen when the glyphs are onioned.


After soliciting some feedback on typography.guru, I made some adjustments, particularly with regard to shortening the longer left serifs, and some minor curve adjustments on some glyphs. Deletions are shown here in pink.

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Work in Progress

The font is still a work in progress and, as such, still has curve, serif, and kerning issues, as well as missing glyph sets for non-Latin scripts.