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Working with DandyCo, I was asked to illustrate the cover of the 2019 Farm Guide, produced by Seattle Tilth Alliance. This was a rewarding and detailed project that pushed me to expand my illustration skills.


We started with a moodboard which Dan presented to the client. Our moodboard presented three directions: Regional Relationships (emphasizing the regional connection of our food and farmers), Overprint Layers (emphasizing the multiple layers of our food infrastructure), and a more conventional Photo + Type option. The client was most excited by the first option, Regional Relationships.


I sketched some initial thumbnails to determine how the connecting road should flow across the page. I wanted to emphasize the four ‘biomes’ which map to Tilth’s pillars: Earth, Farms & Farming, Garden, and Market. Especially in a region like ours, each of these biomes aren’t far from each other and intimately connected.

Building the Illustration

The illustration took about a week to complete and work was slow because the level of detail overwhelmed my computer. The grind was well worth the final product, and the client was thrilled with the design.

I built numerous individual assets to insert into the environment, including buildings of various densities, vehicles, and trees.

The Farm-Fresh Product