Scientific Spirits

Requirements: create a brand for a beverage establishment of your choosing. Create public-facing expressions of the brand (e.g., sign, mural, poster, etc.) and a customer-facing branded item (e.g. menu, glassware, etc.).


I chose to create a brand for a science-themed bar which would include a logo, standard branded components, and a special branded takeaway for the customer.

Look & Feel: Present scientific aesthetic in a more sophisticated way; harken to earlier times in science equipment/design.

Differentiator: 3D-printed custom glassware at customer request.

Competitors: Alchemy, Science On-Tap, Viscosity, Café Scientifique

Challenges: Food-safe 3D printing filament, regulatory challenges, differentiating this establishment from others.


The aesthetic I was going for was that of establishments like Percy’s (an “apothecary bar”) and Sugarpill (in Capitol Hill). Both places have an old apothecary aesthetic, and I wanted to take this and add to it a more clean and scientific element.

Photo by Suzi Pratt, courtesy of Eater.


I wanted the logo to incorporate some sort of iconic lab equipment shape, as well as the clean typography of chemical bottle labels.


I thought an interesting customer takeaway could be custom-printed glassware with the logo embossed on it and a label describing its contents, which could be custom-mixed by the customer.

In my research, I found FDA-approved food safe PETG filament (such as HDglass by Form Futura.

Activation 1: Menus

The bar would use screens to display the menu. To avoid blue TV light bleeding into the space,
I used a warmer background color.

Activation 2: Community

One of the activations in this project was a way to get the patrons to interact with science. This is an example of an event where patrons can come to ask questions.