Designing a fundraiser for social good.

In early November, I was approached to drive a Giving Tuesday fund campaign by Somos Amigos, a non-political and non-religious medical mission providing essential health and dental care to people in remote areas of the Dominican Republic and Haiti. By the end of the day, we exceeded their goal of raising $10,000.

Working with the executive director, I identified their funding goals for this event, and compared them to donations from the same event last year. Their goal was a full $7,000 higher than last year. There was also a new website the org published with a streamlined donation page, and so there was an additional desire to drive traffic there.

Something that excited me about this project was that every penny raised would go directly to patient care, not to salaries or overhead.

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Social Media Imagery

For the week leading up to Giving Tuesday, I designed and ran a series of advertisements on Facebook and Instagram, which featured photos of patients and volunteers as well as notable quotes. Somos Amigos has a huge library of photos of volunteers, patients, and the clinic in El Naranjito and a fairly small collection of graphic brand assets. Their logo, letterhead, color palette, and website design guided my use of colors and fonts.

The Somos Amigos logo (left) and the Giving Tuesday badge (right)

Part of the visuals I created included a badge related to the Giving Tuesday effort while incorporating the figures from the logo. The badge included the Spanish hashtag #undiaparadarDR to relate to the Giving Tuesday event in the Dominican Republic.

Graphic Assets

Example of a quotation ad that ran the week before Giving Tuesday.

In Context

Giving Thanks

The final part of the campaign was to create an image for use on the website, the Facebook cover photo, and an Instagram post thanking donors and posting about the success of the campaign. For this, I used the shape of Hispaniola, the island on which Haiti and the Dominican Republic reside, to mask the Spanish for thank you, Muchas Gracias.