Unofficial identity redesign for the Seattle Philharmonic

In this assignment, I had to find an entity that I felt needed some sort of branding redesign, and create an improved logo, sign, or other intervention.

The Brief

In this project, I had to choose an organization with a brand that I thought wasn’t living up to the energy and dynamism of the organization’s work. I chose to redesign the Seattle Philharmonic Orchestra’s visual identity to reinvigorate their interactions with the public.


Next, I ‘intervened’ by exploring different ideas for a new logo. I wanted to preserve the original two-level type hierarchy (Seattle Phil // harmonic Orchestra) and include a musical notation symbol.


Feedback on the sketches led me to pick the central concept. I wanted to use a musical symbol that would provide more structure to the logo (and an anchor for the lettering), and made three styles of the repeat symbol (𝄇 Unicode U+1D107).

Next, I made three lettering variations. I tried putting the repeat symbol to the left of the lettering, which didn’t work as well as to the right (where the symbol would appear more naturally in the music).

The Final Design

After moving the repeat to the right of the lettering, and right-aligning the text, I decided to add top and bottom staff lines to further strengthen the logo. This made it easier to use in the mockups you can see in the gallery. The logo is accompanied by the DIN typeface which is excellent for setting the varying pieces of information found on tickets and posters.

The three lockups facilitate ease of use across different media while remaining recognizable.