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Farm Guide 2019


Working with DandyCo, I was asked to illustrate the cover of this year’s Farm Guide, produced by Seattle Tilth Alliance. This was a rewarding and detailed project that pushed the limits of my computer hardware.


Schoolwork – Logo Design//2017

Requirements: create a brand for a beverage establishment of your choosing. Create public-facing expressions of the brand (e.g., sign, mural, poster, etc.) and a customer-facing branded item (e.g. menu, glassware, etc.).

Advanced Type Design: Corbeil

Typeface Design//2016

Continuing the Maximum project, this project called for further development of that typeface. I decided, though, to start fresh and work on a Didot-inspired typeface that was more square while maintaining the serif and stroke contrast. The font is called Corbeil after the town near which Fermin Didot was born.



I specialize in typography and typeface design, as well as general graphic and print design.